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About Conyers First Preschool

Conyers First UMC Preschool is a weekday preschool. We are dedicated to partnering with you in helping your child to grow in the most fundamental ways. First in foremost we are devoted to sharing Christian values with each child through our words, our actions, and our lessons. We are steadfast in our commitment to promote the growth of the physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual aspects of every child in our care. Finally, we strive to provide the best program that will prepare them for the next step, elementary school.

Arts Academy & Specials

At Conyers First United Methodist Church Preschool we offer many opportunities for children to learn.  Experiential learning is the key to little ones retaining the information they are taught. 


Arts Academy

 Our Preschool is proud to announce that we now have a Arts Academy.  We offer classes in creative movement, visual arts, music, and Spanish. Our Arts Academy is included in your child’s tuition.


Chapel is taught weekly by the children’s director and church staff of Conyers First United Methodist Church.  During this time the children are told the stories of the Bible on their level, so they can begin to understand the love God has for them.

Chapel gives children time to grown spiritually by voicing their thanks to God. At our Preschool, children participate in praise and worship centered around stories from the Bible. Chapel is led by our Children's Director, Melissa Carter. It is a time for the student body as a whole to gather together, sing, pray, listen to stories, and talk about God.

Field Trips

Field Trips are done in-house or are done locally due to car seat regulations and for the safety of our students.  Fortunately, Conyers First United Methodist Church Preschool is situated right in the heart of Olde Town Conyers.  This avails us the opportunity to walk to many local businesses, Preschool Pops, and the Nancy Guinn Library.

Throughout the year, our students are visited by several special guests. These guests may have a special job or talent, wear a special uniform or outfit, operate a special vehicle, etc. Regardless of who the guests are, they all share a common purpose. These guests visit our Preschool to share special information and stories with the students that further enhance their learning experiences.

6 weeks - 11 months

Roly Polys



Doodle Bugs


2 Years Old

Leapin' Lizards


3 Years Old

Super Kids


4 Years Old

The Explorers



The Questioneers


Registration begins in February each year and is open until the classes are full.  Please submit your registration documents and registration fee at the same time to ensure your child has a spot

Conyers First United Methodist Church Preschool is a mission of the congregation of Conyers First United Methodist Church.  We understand that the expense of preschool can put a strain on a family’s budget.  The parents of preschoolers and congregation of this church would like to help those that could otherwise not afford preschool to be able to be a part of this great mission.

The scholarship funds that are awarded come from a fund that is provided by this congregation and the parents of preschoolers.  They offer this because they see the value in a preschool education and they value the strong Christian message that is taught at Conyers First United Methodist Church Preschool.  They do this in support of both the school and the children in our community.

How to proceed:

  1. APPLICATION: Please fill out the application completely and turn in all forms including legal custody forms and tax forms. Incomplete applications will not be considered:
    [] Scholarship Application
  2. DEADLINE: Applicants must submit their information before the May 31.
  3. Please complete the form and mail or deliver it to:

Conyers First UMC Preschool

921 North Main Street

Conyers, GA 30012

  1. NOTIFICATION:  Your scholarship application will be reviewed by our Preschool Advisory Board and the Director, we will notify all applicants of our decision by July 1.
  2. AGREEMENT: If you are approved for a full or partial scholarship you will receive a scholarship agreement outlining the school and family expectations for tuition payment and fulfilment of school policies, at which time they may accept or reject the scholarship.  The agreement must be signed and returned to Conyers First United Methodist Church Preschool by Aug 1.
  3. LATE APPLICATIONS: Scholarship applications turned in after May 31 will not be considered for the upcoming school year.  However, we understand that circumstances can occur throughout the school year, such as job loss and other financial difficulties.  Families that are already enrolled at CFUMC Preschool may apply for assistance at that time.  The Director, on an individual basis, will consider those requests.
  4. Our financial assistance fund is limited and while all requests are considered we cannot guarantee that all applicants will receive assistance.  The decisions of the Preschool Advisory Board and Director are based on the number of requests, family circumstances, and individual needs.
  5. If you have any questions about the application process please contact Melissa Carter, Director of CFUMC Preschool at (770) 483-4236

Conyers First United Methodist Church Preschool admits students of any race, color, and national and ethnic origin.

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