two year olds


Our two year old classes at CFM Preschool are known as the "Leapin' Lizards". Our two year old teachers work hard to create a fun and loving environment where these little ones can learn, grow, and develop.

We believe that daily one-on-one time is very important in the two year old class to ensure proper development and growth. The Leapin' Lizards work individually with their teachers each day to practice a skill and art project. Students are assessed individually and work at their own level. One-on-one time gives our teachers the opportunity to work with each student on his/her own level and cater to their individual learning needs. If a child needs additional help with a skill, one-on-one time allows our teachers to give that child the assistance he/she needs.

Although we encourage teacher/child one-on-one time, we also want our Leapin' Lizards to learn how to be individuals, autonomous, and independent. We encourage our two year olds to share their own stories and opinions, engage in activities on their own, etc.

Social interaction is also very important in our two year old class. We work hard to teach these little ones important lessons that will help them to successfully interact with others. Sharing, taking turns, manners, and following directions are an integral part of our focus. We emphasize the importance of manners such as saying "please" and "thank you", not interrupting when someone else is talking, sitting at the table during snack and lunch time, etc. We teach the importance of sharing with one another, waiting until it is our turn, and working together with others.

Potty training is encouraged and supported for the Leapin' Lizards. We understand that this can be a difficult process and are more than willing to help continue the training while a child is at school.

The Leapin' Lizards learn more than just colors and ABC’s! They also focus on developing fine motor skills through activities such as cutting, tearing, lacing, beading, etc. The two year olds also learn about their shapes and practice shape recognition. They practice counting by 10 to 100, learn the days of the week, practice name recognition and identifying their place at the table, etc. Students learn the first letter of their name and spelling of their first name. A monthly calendar is used in the classroom and serves as aid in teaching the students about the seasons, weather, upcoming events, and holidays. During circle time each day, the Leapin' Lizards discuss what day of the week it is, what the weather is outside, what season it is, and have an opportunity to share their own observations of the world around them. The two year olds have the opportunity to exercise their imagination through free play during which they can dress-up, role play, create games together, etc. They read stories each day and have books available to them in the classroom for their own exploration. Art is a big part of the two year old class with projects being completed each day. During art time, students have the chance to exercise their creativity through coloring, painting, gluing, using stickers, glitter, etc.

The Leapin' Lizards continue their learning outside of the classroom in a variety of ways. They attend music class, visual arts, creative movement and chapel each week. During the year the two year olds have the chance to receive several special visitors such as the firemen, policemen, mommies/daddies with special jobs, etc.