three year olds


The three year olds at CFUMC Preschool & Kindergarten are known as the "Super Kids". The three year old classes are very dynamic and a place where children are immersed in learning and development of social skills through play and a number of activities. The classroom incorporates child-led activities, teacher-led activities, and group exercises to achieve the best learning experience.

The three year classes employ the "Jack and Jilly Program" to explore the alphabet. A letter and letter sound are introduced weekly and reviewed throughout the week and the weeks that follow. The "Super Kids" are encouraged to participate in large group discussions and to talk among one another. They listen to stories daily during circle time and are given the opportunity to tell their own stories. They have time each day to browse through the books in their classroom and then "read" to themselves and their friends. The three year olds work on their fine motor skills on a daily basis through activities such as tracing, cutting, beading, sorting, etc. Writing is modeled for the students, which they trace at the beginning of the school year and can then write on their own as time passes. Children learn left to right progression in a variety of ways such as games, worksheets, table activities, etc. Students are taught the proper way to hold their pencil and are worked with daily to help improve their grip and writing ability.

Students in the three year old class explore the exciting world of Math. They identify and compare basic shapes, create and continue patterns, sort items by like features, compare quantities such as volume (more/less) and area (big/small), and much more. They practice counting and number recognition. The "Super Kids" are encouraged to be artistic. There is a variety of supplies available for the children to explore and be creative with. Teacher lead art projects are a frequent part of the three year old class and are enjoyed greatly by the students.

The "Super Kids" expand their realm of learning outside the classroom in a variety of ways. They attend music class, visual arts, creative movement and chapel each week. Throughout the year the three year olds go on several field trips to places such as Preschool Pops, the Conyers School of Ballet, the Nancy Guinn Library, etc. They also receive several special visits by guests such as firemen, policemen, etc.