one year olds


The one year olds at CFM Preschool are known as the "Doodle Bugs". They may be the littlest at our school, but they are just as active as the rest of the students. Despite their small size, the Doodle Bugs learn and grow in a BIG way throughout the school year. The one year old class provides a loving environment with information taught at a proper age level that focuses on the development of each child.

In the Doodle Bug class, we count on every moment to be a teaching moment and believe children learn by doing.

The Doodle Bugs work to improve their fine motor skills through activities such as tearing paper, sorting pom-poms, wadding up colored tissue paper, coloring, painting, etc. They work to master their gross motor skills by practicing activities such as squatting and jumping, placing their feet together and apart, marching, and using their tippy toes.

In class, students work on counting, sorting items based on size and color, dress-up, sing songs, read books, etc. They use puzzles to begin to develop an understanding of matching shapes and sizes. The Doodle Bugs work on their logical thinking and ability to make deductions through matching games, problem solving such as sorting, and simple play that teaches common social skills.

The Doodle Bugs also work on their Math processes daily through activities such as drawing a line from one object to another and learning to count until they are able to count to 10.

Rhyming words and "finger plays" with motions show the children the "sounds" they hear have specific meanings. Each day, the Doodle Bugs discuss letters and the sounds they make, while also working to learn their ABC song.

Each child spends one-on-one time in the classroom with their teacher each day. During this time, they work on colorful and thought provoking art and practice the skills discussed above.

Art is very important in the one year old class. Children are given plenty of time for self expression each and every day during which they can create their own works of art. The Doodle Bugs express themselves artistically through activities such as painting, making collages, finger painting, coloring, gluing, and so much more. They talk about the colors of each crayon or paint that is being used and practice color recognition. They also talk about shapes as they glue foam cut-outs. Each month, one particular shape and color is the focus and plays a big part in daily circle time, art projects, etc.