four year olds


Students in our four year old class at CFUMC Preschool & Kindergarten are known as the "Explorers". Like all of our classes, the four year old class offers a loving, nurturing, Christian environment for the children.

The Explorers are an active bunch and cover a lot of ground throughout the school year! Students use hands on manipulative exercises to help them with math concepts such as patterning, arranging by size, graphing, measuring, estimating, counting, adding, and subtracting. They practice writing letters, numbers, names, and words on a daily basis. They also keep a writing journal and a poetry journal, which help to improve their writing skills while stimulating their imagination. Students who are ready read small repetition books to help further improve their reading skills before moving on to small story books. The Explorers have fun with music, art, stories, and free play as they learn important skills such as sharing, cooperation, role playing, opposites, rhyming, and much more.

Students complete art projects on a daily basis allowing them to express their creativity. Science lessons are also incorporated into the curriculum with fun experiments and activities that make the Explorers' adventures even more fun. Several times throughout the year, the Explorers have the opportunity to try their hand at cooking as they learn all about the kitchen.

Outside of their classroom, the Explorers continue to learn! They attend music class, visual arts, creative movement and chapel each week. Students have the opportunity to take occasional field trips throughout the year to visit places such as Preschool Pops, Conyers School of Ballet, etc. In addition to off-site trips, students have special visitors come to see them throughout the year such as firemen, policemen, etc.

Several programs are used in the four year old class to help further the learning experience. These programs are:

  • the KidSparkz Curriculum
  • the "Jack and Jilly" Readiness Reading Program
  • the Read Together, Talk Together Reading Program
  • the Handwriting Without Tears Program