field trips

At CFM Preschool, we are proud of the opportunities we provide each child to learn from individuals and environments outside of their normal classrooms!

Throughout the year, our students are visited by several special guests. These guests may have a special job or talent, wear a special uniform or outfit, operate a special vehicle, etc. Regardless of who the guests are, they all share a common purpose. These guests visit CFM Preschool to share special information and stories with the students that further enhance their learning experiences.

Some of our guests may include, but are not limited to...

Police Officers
Community Leaders

In addition to receiving visits from special guests, our three year olds, four year olds, and Kindergarteners also have the opportunity to enjoy off-site field trips. These trips allow the students to engage in adventures in environments they regularly do not experience. Such opportunities do not only take the students out of the classroom and into new environments waiting to be explored, but also allow each child to learn in a way that is unique from any classroom experience.

Some field trip destinations may include, but are not limited to...

Nancy Guinn Library
Conyers School of Ballet
Panola Mountain Park
Atlanta Zoo
Preschool Pops